When looking for new suppliers or customers, speeddatings are a very effective way to get to know new interlocutors.

How do B2B Supplier Speeddatings work?

Usually, speeddatings are organized by interest groups such as chambers, clusters or regional networks. Often, a very homogenous target group is addressed to deal with a specific topic (eg: Suppliers of steel structures or Purchase of stainless steel components). The organizers try to find as many interesting conversation partners as possible and create a schedule in advance. The discussions can either be planned individually or the organizer positions the interlocutors spatially so that there are always other people sitting opposite each other (eg: a long row of tables: sitting on one side Suppliers of steel components, on the other Buyer of mechanical engineering companies).

Now, after a specified interval, which is usually 5-20 minutes, it will be changed until all suppliers have spoken to all buyers.

Benefits of B2B Supplier Speeddatings

Low travel expenses

Buyers can meet multiple suppliers in a B2B speed dating without much travel.

time savings

The short time intervals force the interlocutors to get to the point. Often one does not want to end a conversation prematurely out of courtesy and gives the supplier the opportunity to present his products, although it is already foreseeable that the supplier simply does not fit. The short intervals in speed dating solve such situations uncomplicated. If you still need to talk, you can contact the supplier later anyway.

More contacts

Even if one does not find what one is looking for, a contact can prove to be very useful later.

Tips for B2B Speeddatings

1. Be polite and interested

Give your counterpart the opportunity to introduce yourself and signal no disinterest. Even if you think that entertainment is not going to work, you should never underestimate which networks your counterpart might have. Maybe you get through this Speeddating contact still the deciding tip.

2. Be prepared

Of course you should have business cards and the most important brochures handy. However, as time is short, you should prepare yourself even better to have more time to listen to the conversation. Prepare call notes in advance so that you only have to complete the most important data. You should not ask for basic data on the supplier or the person you are talking to.

3. Take clean notes

After the third party at the latest, it will be difficult to remember details. Who was that again Supplier from Poland with their own galvanizing shop? Without clean notes, you can not handle the vast amount of speed dating information. Laptops or smartphones are distracting and seem rude to many people in conversation, the good old notepad is better.

4. Network yourself

Unfortunately, photos on business cards have not prevailed. Everyone knows this situation, just a week after such an event or a trade fair, hardly anyone can remember all the faces to the many business cards. Therefore, it's best to network right after speed dating on networks like Linkedin or Xing. That's how you get a picture of the person and stay in your memory.

5. Fast post-processing

Use the first few days after the supplier Speeddating for post-processing. Still, your conversation partners can remember you well, but after a few days or weeks hardly anyone knows exactly what was being talked about.