Although is a B2B industrial services portal, we are constantly receiving requests for this Galvanizing from picket fences, Tower, balcony railings or car parts of private persons. Galvanizing is a very effective form of surface coating because it forms a cathodic corrosion protection. This is particularly advantageous for components such as fences or gates, which are constantly exposed to the weather. Due to the cathodic protection, the zinc serves as a so-called sacrificial anode, which means that even if the surface is damaged, such as by scratches, a continuous corrosion protection exists.

Especially with components such as outdoor systems for buildings, galvanized steel is cheaper and easier to process compared to stainless steel. Additional painting can extend the life even further.

Especially in the border region you can find companies like FŰZFA Kftwho produce products such as railings, gates or fences themselves and offer galvanizing as an additional service. The companies listed on Szendro-Galva or NAGÉV Budapest specializes in galvanizing in the industrial environment, but also accept smaller orders. As an alternative to galvanizing also offers the powder coating on, where the corrosion protection is weaker here.

In automotive engineering, zinc is also used to protect the bodywork, especially in exposed parts such as underbody, doors or fenders. For repair work, it is therefore very important that the zinc layer is restored to protect the sheet against corrosion in the long term. For galvanizing, but also for painting, it makes sense, especially in extensive repair work, to look in the near abroad for suppliers to keep the costs in the context. As a result, even larger orders can still be processed economically, which has already given many a classic car a longer life.

In our directory you will find more Supplier for galvanizing Their components from the surrounding countries such as Hungary, Slovakia or Poland.