In the Hungarian border region to Austria, there are a lot of qualified Steel construction company for heavy steel construction, These are often an economically interesting alternative that can benefit even small and medium-sized businesses.

Many of our suppliers have their own plasma or laser cutting machines flame cuts manufacture, as well as its own Lackiermöglichkeiten. In our provider directory you will also find suitable Suppliers for galvanizing or powder coating the constructions.

For one-off production with a higher need for clarification one should try, despite all cost considerations, to choose a paver within a day's journey, ie approx. 300km. For companies from Eastern Austria, for example, the following companies close to the border would be suitable:

Kondoracél Fémszerkezetgyártó Kft.

City: Felpéc

Kondoracel is a relatively young company founded by 2011, located in Felpéc, near Győr (Raab).

The company mainly offers heavy steel construction such as warehouses, agricultural buildings, podiums and stairs. Mondays are also carried out by the company.

The company also has a CNC plasma cutting machine for preparing flame cuts.

Göcsej-Metál Kft.

City: Zalaegerszeg

Göcsej-Metál is located in Zalaegerszeg, about one hour south of Szombathely (Steinamanger) and can be reached in less than two hours from Graz.

The company manufactures heavy steel construction such as warehouses and agricultural buildings, but is also active in mechanical engineering. In addition, facade elements for the construction industry are also manufactured.

Assembly and installation work is also carried out abroad.

Hettyei-Éptech Kft

City: Sumeg

In Sümeg, east of Szombathely (Steinamanger) and just over two hours from Vienna or Graz, Hettyei-Éptech offers heavy steel structures, such as warehouses, and agricultural buildings. In addition, the company has references for granaries and sewage treatment plants.

Other steel construction suppliers from Hungary

A little further, in the surroundings of Budapest you will find an even larger selection Suppliers for steel construction, Via the motorways A4 and M1 the Greater Budapest area can be reached from Vienna in about 2,5h. From Graz or the Mur / Mürztal you need hours between 3 and 4.