The company Caadex produces steel blanks using flame cutting (blank sizes: 6000mm x 2000mm x 500mm), plasma cutting (blank sizes: 6000mm x 2000mm x 12mm) or laser cutting (blank sizes: 4000mm x 2000mm x 25mm for normal steel, 20mm thickness for stainless steel). The company headquarters in Mindszentgodisa is located north of Pecs.

Göcsej metal produces steel blanks by plasma cutting up to a thickness of 30mm and by means of autogenous flame cutting up to 180mm. The company is conveniently located for customers from the Graz area.

Idumont is located south of Budapest and can process steel plates with the following dimensions:

  • Autogenous CNC controlled flame cutting: blanks up to 12000mm x 4000mm x 300mm
  • Plasma cutting: Cuts 12000mm x 4000mm x 20mm

In addition, the supplier Idumont still has other cutting facilities for pipes and profiles.

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