stainless steel railing

Stainless steel railing wholesale direct from the manufacturer

We represent various manufacturers of stainless steel railings from Central and Eastern Europe. Our suppliers manufacture stainless steel handrails, handrails and architectural elements made of stainless steel according to customer requirements, thus supplying mainly business customers such as resellers, property developers and locksmiths.

Our suppliers have modern production facilities and certified welders. Customers of our suppliers include hotels, architects, planners, industrial companies and individuals from different countries.

Types of stainless steel railings

In principle, our suppliers manufacture according to your specifications and plans. Common standard railings of our suppliers are:

  • Stainless steel glass railing
  • Railing with stakes
  • Stainless steel wire railing
  • Stainless steel railing with flat bars
  • Railing with sheet metal filling made of aluminum or stainless steel with or without pattern
  • Stainless steel stair railing
  • Railing with attached wooden handrail
  • French balconies in stainless steel
  • balustrades
  • barriers

The surfaces of the railings can be brushed, sanded or polished.

Components for stainless steel railings

Our suppliers also manufacture and sell components for stainless steel railings in commercial quantities:

  • handrails
  • Stainless steel rods
  • Geläderpfosten
  • railings plug
  • Handrail holder
  • Fasteners
  • wall Mount
  • glass holder

We can also convey these components and other similar stainless steel components. For more complex parts for industrial parts please use our Inquiry form for steel components.

Buy stainless steel railing directly from the producer

Send us your request. We check the prices of different suppliers and contact them directly. You can buy direct and without intermediaries from the cheapest producer.

In addition to railings made of stainless steel, we can of course also convey all kinds of galvanized or powder-coated railings.

The assembly of the railings by a mounting team of the manufacturer in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is possible for larger individual projects.