Rimsa Plus Sp. Z oo

Rimsa Plus Sp. Z oo
Rimsa Plus Sp. Z oo

Rimsa Plus Sp. Z oo is a steel construction company according to:
- ISO 1090 for steel structures up to class EXC3
- DIN EN ISO 3834-2 for welded constructions
The welding personnel has qualifications that are confirmed by the diploma of the International Welding Engineer (IWE).
Our production and service competence:
1. We perform laser cutting of metal sheets up to a length of 6 meters on Trumpf equipment.
2. On a press brake we bend sheets up to a length of 6 meters.
3. We perform thermal cutting with oxygen for sheets up to a length of 12 meters and a thickness. 150 mm.
4. We clean steel elements by shot peening to Sa 2,5.
5. We paint the structure in a professional spray booth.
6. We manufacture elements of steel construction from profiles on a CNC machine.

Our production and implementation ranges from technical consulting (concept), design, through the manufacture and delivery of steel structures and equipment to construction. We specialize in supporting the automotive and aerospace industries in the manufacture of technological steel structures, horizontal and vertical technological transport equipment and other equipment used in automotive and aerospace equipment on the world market.
In addition to orders for the automotive and aviation industries, we manufacture steel structures for industrial and structural engineering, we produce components for the equipment of the heating industry, we realize various types of technological transport systems. We also carry out orders for industry, mining, environmental protection and other fields. The orders are executed by specialists and executives, whose knowledge and many years of experience guarantee a high quality and punctuality of the executed work.

Rimsa Plus Sp. Z oo
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EN1090 EXC1, EN1090 EXC2, EN1090 EXC3, DIN EN ISO 3834-2
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