Grupa Ładziński (Prokostal sp.z oo, sp.k., Ładziński Zakłady Metalowe)

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Grupa Ładziński (Prokostal sp.z oo, sp.k., Ładziński Zakłady Metalowe)
Grupa Ładziński (Prokostal sp.z oo, sp.k., Ładziński Zakłady Metalowe)

Our company was founded in the year 1974. Since then we are active in the metal industry. We specialize in the production of:

Conveyor systems and mineral comminution
Transport system and storage of bulk materials
Work platforms for railway repair
Aluminum superstructures for special vehicle construction

We work with design offices that are able to fully meet the needs of our customers. We are also in a position to take over the general contracting office.

The long-standing and successful cooperation with customers from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, England, France, Belgium and Switzerland testifies to the quality of our products, efficiency and timeliness.

Since 2008 our company works according to the quality system PN-EN ISO 9001: 2008, certified by the company DEKRA. In the field of welding technology we have the certification: DIN EN ISO 3834-2, DIN EN ISO 1090 (the old standard DIN 18800-7 class E), certified by the welding institute in Halle. Thanks to these certificates, we can build constructions such as: steel bridges, cranes, beams, excavators, masts, manhole constructions, settlers both statically and dynamically. A very important certificate of our company is the CL1 according to DIN EN 15085-02 for work in the field of - rail vehicle construction. Since 2012, we have also been successful in this area.

The aim of our company is to meet the demands and wishes of our customers in the field of steel and general engineering. In addition, we offer services in the processing and assembly of aluminum systems in a separate division. Our company has a tribe (about 120 employees) well educated employees both in production and in engineering. We are represented in many European countries and are committed to further dynamic development.
+48 75 64 35 400
+ 48 75 64 35 403
Karola Miarki 42
Jelenia GórA
German, English
ISO9001, EN1090 EXC1, DIN EN ISO 3834-2

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Grupa Ładziński (Prokostal sp.z oo, sp.k., Ładziński Zakłady Metalowe)