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We are the company Cromatic doo from Croatia a subsidiary of the company Holtec Automatic A / S from Denmark. We are engaged in the production of electrical control units and commissioning, as well as in design and software for western countries. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the USA.

All technicians have a relevant electrical background and experience. All orders and specific tasks are realized according to the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Our parent company is located in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula. Holtec Automatic A / S has been distributing 8 stores throughout Denmark with the aim of being as close to the customer as possible and ensuring a quick response to their needs. However, the focus of our parent company, the subsidiary Cromatic in Croatia, was to undertake the complete production of the ELECTRIC CONTROL UNITS as a whole and this is produced daily in a very high quality. The company Holtec Automatic A / S in Denmark has about 50 electrical engineers and a team of 10 electricians.

In addition, we also specialize in putting the complete preparation for industrial electrical installations into operation with your or our electrical control unit.
The company Cromatic doo in Croatia works as a successful company that has doubled its production area and of course also has the ISO 9001: 2015 and the UL508A.
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