Blue Chemical Metal Surface Treatment

Blue Chemical Metal Surface Treatment
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Kék Kémiai Kft. 2014 was founded by Kék és Társai Kft as a subsidiary. The company is engaged in the surface treatment of automotive components. Our company works as a family business in 100% Hungarian ownership and carries out the following activities:

Galvanizing (galvanic galvanizing)
Iron, zinc, manganese phosphate
Shot peening
powder coating
KTL painting
Special coatings: Chemosil, Gleitmo, Megum (adhesives for rubber jaws, sliding rods for the automotive industry)
If required, any surface treatment technology can be offered.

Thanks to our multidirectional developments last year, we have spare capacities in all our activities.

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Dorkó Street 1.
Muddy Creek
ISO9001, ISO14001
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Blue Chemical Metal Surface Treatment